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I'm Mute Today!


ve those days where we just don't want to talk. Perhaps you're tired or stressed, and you just wish you could be temporarily mute.
I'm Mute Today from Crayon Box Labs allows you to do just that! With IMT, you can be mute, yet still be partially functional... How? Let us do the talking for you! With over 40 phrases, you can substitute your vocal chords for ours, with greetings, farewells, sarcasm, and much more.

The free version of IMT contains several phrases broken down into two pages spoken by a male voice, while the paid version includes  over 40 phrases broken into pages by topic (Greetings, excuses, sarcasm, etc). 

The App's market page is:


Full Version:

More pictures of the app can be found in the photo gallery.

If you have any suggestions for phrases we should add to our app, problems, or suggestions for improvement or updates, feel free to contact us!